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Friday, 2 July 2010



This is the first post of my new blog page about my garden. My Hubby & I have lived here for 5 years and we have been planning our garden for a lot of that time. This year we're finally getting stuck in and starting to create our dream.

When we first moved in I did a plan with a circular lawn and a circular patio, a deck and various other details.

(if I can find the actual plan I will include it here)

Now the patio is almost finished (see above), the lawn is marked out and I'm trying to finalise details of the deck (space where deck will be shown above) - this is proving slightly problematic, as I thought someone was going to be doing the work, and then they backed out, but they gave me the number of a carpenter - who I contacted, and he quoted £2700 to do it - bearing in mind that I already have the wood for the top of the deck (but not the frame) and I've paid for the lights this seemed to me to be a little excessive (all right a lot excessive). It is a big deck -or at least it will be - I've worked it out at 17 square metres plus steps - but even so.........

So plan C is going to be to source the wood for the frame myself, create a proper plan of the deck (possibly with some help from someone who 'knows about these things'), and then try to work out who will do the work.

Once the lawn, patio and deck are complete we will clear the garden except for the apple tree and Forsythia bush, add paths and a few decorative features - an arch, an arbour and possibly a clay oven - then we'll plant the place up.

We've already started a short list of plants - a very long short list! Our garden is going to be a useful garden and therefore every plant will have to earn it's place (more about this later).

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